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Is Dylan O'Brien's Stiles in Teen Wolf: The Movie?

He was gone, but not forgotten

Megan Vick

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Teen Wolf: The Movie. Read at your own risk!]

The McCall Pack gets back together in Teen Wolf: The Movie to face off against the nogitsune, one of the most iconic villains in Teen Wolf history. The nogitsune was the trickster spirit in Season 3B who not only had the Oni kill Allison (Crystal Reed), but also implanted himself in the McCall pack's second-in-command to give us the terrifying Void Stiles (Dylan O'Brien). If the nogitsune has returned to Beacon Hills, surely Stiles would also have to return to take down his ultimate nemesis. 

Unfortunately, that was not the case. We are sorry to report to any fans who were hoping that Dylan O'Brien would still make time for a cameo in the movie that O'Brien does not appear in the film, not even in flashbacks. (O'Brien turned down the movie because of scheduling reasons.) There's no special end credit either. However, the movie is not completely without our favorite baseball bat-wielding human. 

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Stiles' beloved jeep plays a major part in the movie, having been absconded by Derek's (Tyler Hoechlin) son Eli (Vince Mattis). Sheriff Stillinski also mentions his son when the Beacon Hills cops are contemplating turning to the FBI to help them catch a serial arsonist. (They don't call Stiles specifically because he's "putting out his own fires.") However, it is Lydia (Holland Roden), rightfully, who delivers the most Stiles-heavy moment. 

When the show ended over five years ago, Lydia and Stiles rode off into the sunset together. When we meet Lydia again in the movie, she and Stiles have broken up and it's not until the climax of the film that she reveals why. After being haunted by a repeated premonition of Stiles dying in a car wreck with Lydia crawling over broken glass to get to his lifeless body, she left him to make sure the vision never came true. 

"I love that Jeff [Davis, writer] addressed it," Roden told TV Guide. "I think fans will be looking for an answer so I love that there is an answer." Naturally, we wanted to know more and asked Roden what she thinks about how the couple broke up, and she's voting for an amicable split. 

Dylan O'Brien, Teen Wolf

Dylan O'Brien, Teen Wolf


"I do think she told him why, personally. It would not be acceptable if you're in love with someone to leave them for no reason," she explained. "I believe that it's not for a lack of love. It's for almost too much love. It was because of the love that she had to leave. I would like to think that he does know why and they clearly both, unfortunately, had to agree to live this way. I think there is room for a twist in that, but for now that's the story." 

While Lydia and Stiles may be estranged during the course of the movie, series and film star Tyler Posey assured TV Guide that at least Stiles and Scott are still besties, even if Scott barely mentions his No. 2 in the movie. 

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"I didn't notice that Scott doesn't mention Stiles. That really bums me out. I should have done something about that," Posey lamented, but quickly rebounded with an explanation. "The way that I can justify it is that Scott and Stiles are in constant  communication. Scott is texting Stiles right now, 'Dude! Allison is alive!!! Some crazy shit is going down,' and Stiles is like 'I am working, otherwise I'd be there!' I believe that they are in constant communication. I think they are in constant communication and still best friends." 

With all of the heartbreak in Teen Wolf: The Movie, it's good to know that at least our favorite bros are still close. 

Teen Wolf: The Movie is now streaming on Paramount+.