Um, wow. Did I miss an episode, or a whole season? Whatever it was, I feel like I just watched a film, and the DVD was all scratched and kept jumping all over the place, but I somehow think I saw the whole thing. Kind of like those migrant workers emerging slowly from the swamps, with their eerie calm, mustaches and countenances that put the fear of Chuck Norris in us all. They knew. Knew about us knew us as humans. Russ and Tom should have arrested them, but they were like animals, beings, souls  something to respect for one reason or another. Why would you arrest them? They're just doing their thing... catching fish and surviving. Who cares

what they are? How cool was that? Very Discovery Channel. Very "big picture" for a show that's only been giving us glimpses. I can think of a hundred things implied by that scene alone. The family issues of this episode further inspire me to think positively. If it weren't for the name of the show, I wouldn't be talking about invasions. I think the Varones and the Underlays are going to figure out how to coexist and teach the world that if we ever get visitors, it could be for the best. Even Jesse's wisecracks are really quite wise. Rose seems to be handling it well, trying to simply understand. We could be on the verge of an unhostile takeover if that exists  where maybe somebody is trying to help us. Of all the reasons we have been invaded over the years, this show sure is dangerously close to using human bonding and emotions as part of something bigger. Man, I got sucked in there. Don't worry, I didn't forget about Christina and how evolution sometimes ain't so pretty. No offense, Elisabeth Moss, but you may be America's easy way out of this show. 

So who knows? These aren't your sister's dramas anymore. TV is making us think, and I think I should stop reading UFO-abduction books.