InvasionTonight's show succeeded in spooking me, as it was supposed to. I got that same tense feeling I had from watching raptors and aliens stalk humans in Jurassic Park

and War of the Worlds

. But as Dave was creeping around his house following the intruder's muddy trail, I envisioned Swamp Thing jumping out of the shadows and my tension subsided considerably. Instead, Dave came face to face with his half-formed, open-pustule-ridden, alien-clone self who'd been stealing Dave's personal items and living in a van down by the river. OK, it wasn't a van. To Larkin I say, this is what you get for leaving all your doors open when you suspect alien prowlers. Are we sure Larkin's not carrying a hybrid child? I swear that baby bump was a concave belly a few days ago. The clone certainly was drawn to her, but then nothing says Host Body like a pregnant woman. Good thing Dave shot it. This begs the question: Does killing one's own clone qualify as suicide? I suppose the answer to that depends on whether or not the clone stays dead. We know from Lewis' and Underlay's regenerations that death is a slippery slope with these "people," so Russ and Dave dumping the clone in the water doesn't assure me that we've seen the last of him. Though this episode had far too little Mariel, Kira's increasing screen time is proving that she's more than just teenage eye candy. I'm liking her relationship with Lewis, who, though childlike in a Michael Jackson way, still doesn't have me 100 percent convinced that there was no Jesus Juice in their shared tent. Underlay will deal with that situation once he's avenged his near-fatal shooting, and since we now know that it wasn't the mysterious Zura who pulled the trigger, then it had to be the priest! Why didn't I think of that? Because I was too busy thinking about this: If Zura and Underlay are partners building their own hybrid army, can Russ and Dave trust anything that this ex-CIA dude has told them? Now that gives me chills. Rhoda Charles

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