I thought I saw Christina in a trailer for The Hills Have Eyes. When they ran the trailer for the second time, I was almost convinced. So I had it all figured out: If you see a TV actress in a horror-movie trailer,

during the TV show in which she stars, she will soon die on said TV show. Pretty sweet. Except when I went to the trusty Internet to confirm the stars of the film, I found an entirely different actress, Emilie de Ravin. And so Claire's gonna die on Lost. Great theory. Now I know what you're saying: "But dude, Christina did die," and then I can say, "the show got canceled," and you'll believe me because I work here. Don't believe anything you read, or anything, ever. What you can believe is me when I say: Never get an ultrasound if you think you're alien and don't like squirmy things all up in your uterus. Gross.

I really did like parts of this episode. Jesse is still cool and still stealing the comic relief from Dave. If you're gonna ask a person in this town if they're ok, they're probably gonna say no. And who was the first to actually consider (duh) leaving the alien-infested town? Jesse. Then the cafeteria scene. I liked the possibility that he could have just been a normal teen feeling uncomfortable at the school cafeteria. Alas, and ew, all those other kids were Humalien. Ladies, if you ever have kids, then remarry, and if your kids call your new husband "Daddy" followed by his first name, kill him. No, I'm not even sure these hybrid beings are bad. But who didn't love Mariel laying down the law with Tom? Upon hearing that she wouldn't bare his freak offspring, William Fichtner proceeded to rock the best acting of the series. That was not part of his plan when he brought Mariel to the water, and in one facial expression he basically said: "Look for Kari Matchett in a horror-movie trailer soon!"