Tyler Labine, remember when I called you Gilligan? Yeah, well, I'm sorry. Who knew that if you take any decent-looking women out of this show, it actually gets better? Uncle Dave, silly blogger though he may be, is pretty cool, and I'm not just saying that because he's helping the show move along. Not only that, but he was right. Enough about him, except for his hair tonight. I wonder if they intentionally juxtaposed the tension with his wacky bedhead. Better if they didn't. I was also impressed with

Eddie Cibrian this week. I mean, obvious similarities aside, Russ is no Dr. Jack. And if you think I'm gonna stop making Lost references, you can talk to ABC about when they air these shows. Really, who can stand this much drama for two hours in a row? Anyway, Russ finally got to show off some science skills, which was nice for us viewers who know even less than Uncle Dave. The sheriff? OK, now there are two, or something. I can't talk about it or I'll have night terrors about that re-created face that turned out to be his. These new people? The ones doing the abducting? I like them. The black guy finally gave me something to work with, in the discussion about invasive species. It was almost too good, the dialogue between him and Russ. But wait, I'm a little scared: He did say, "... if the invasive species becomes a problem, you kill it " and I was thinking we wouldn't want to let it become a problem in the first place. Ah, too late I guess. Apparently this has been happening for a while. So it sounds like the invaders are trying to find somewhere they fit in. Everglades, huh? And we always thought they were watching our cornfields.  Darren Sirkin  

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