My initial thought was that it was way too early in the season for a rerun. But I got over that when I realized which repeat it was: This episode was, without exaggeration, one of the best ever. The entire hour was all about Ray Liotta's Emmy-winning and brilliantly real portrayal of a heavy-drinking ex-con literally on his deathbed due to chronic liver problems. Rarely does ER focus on just one patient, but I can't imagine this character being the "A" story to a "B" and a "C" story it was that riveting. So much so that I was glad I was home alone. It would've been rather embarrassing watching it with others since I was literally (and my apologies to Melissa Manchester) crying out loud. Really loud. The kind of loud that makes you think "Wow. Did the neighbors just hear me?" Ray's acting was so real that you didn't feel like you were watching the dude from Goodfellas trying to play off being a hospital patient. When he kept flashing back to his estranged son at a young age and asked Sam to touch his face, it just killed me. Then when he was talking to Pratt as if Pratt was his son, causing Pratt to cry since he was thinking of his own estranged father? Projectile tears! How perfect for them to air this episode now that we've met Pratt's dad via Danny Glover. It was like watching one of the flashback scenes on Lost. The more you learn about a character's past, the more you enjoy the show. Who knew I'd get so much out of a rerun? And since ER takes place in my hometown of Chicago, who knew the White Sox would be World Series champs? Dave Anderson


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