I'm sorry, I just can't get into the whole Jake and Nina story line this season. I love Dr. Dimples and all, but the whole playing-house-and-trying-to-be-a-dad thing is just not really engaging. I liked it better when he was trying to woo the waitress instead of dealing with domestic issues. Let's see him at one of the Botox parties that he mentioned that could be fun. I did love that the writers really went full circle with the Ephram story line by cursing the sullen teenager with a know-it-all, self-absorbed kid who behaves just like he did when he first arrived in Everwood. Ah, truly what goes around comes around. And, of course, no episode would be complete without a brilliant comment by Bright.... I swear the writers must have a blast coming up with dialogue for him. Tonight's gem was his excuse for leaving Delia alone at the job fair (which he was disappointed had no rides). "Sometimes I forget how young she is. She's got that Dakota Fanning thing going on. It freaks me out." I couldn't agree more. Both girls are like 12 going on 40 and it is just plain unsettling.