I'm still scratching my head over how the Bransens managed to come in first for this leg and win a lifetime's worth of free gas. Even more puzzling is how the Aiellos, a team full of such promise, ended up eliminated by the end of the hour.  Maybe it had something to do with their sudden grudge against the Weavers? OK, yes, we saw a different side to that Florida family this week a scarier side. A side that had even the Paolos calling them crazy. I mean really, tears on the mystery bus? Cries of being held prisoner? I'm betting that Waffle House stop was an unplanned detour just to give everyone else a break from their caterwauling. Either way, the Aiellos learned a hard lesson in time and grudge management. The key is in knowing when to move on. As much fun as the Mud Run seemed to be, 14 attempts is 12 too many to spend on this detour. The Weavers cut and ran after six attempts but not the Aiellos who, I'm sure, only kept at it to prove the Weavers were quitters. Again, what sparked this animosity? I did enjoy that the Gaghans zipped right through the mud on their first try. Over at Space Camp in Alabama, it was nice to see Phil lighten up and try out a task for the first time even if his cheeks were plastered back to his ears. And I bet I was not the only person who was sure this was a nonelimination round. Looks like the producers finally caught on to Phil's telltale wording and mixed it up this season.