Now, I'm not one to say "I told you so," but for several weeks I've been yelling from the rooftops that C.J. definitely wasn't the source of the military shuttle leak. Granted, that was a slightly easier call than, say, the mysterious Mr. Frost predicting the assassination of the president of Kazakhstan. (Word to the wise: Never get into a dead pool with that guy.) It just had to be Toby, didn't it? It's perfect. His brother's an astronaut, his new job as press secretary has him around reporters all day and, mostly, because a woefully underused Richard Shiff has to be looking for the Oval Office exit after seven years. Did anyone else think it looked like President Bartlet already knew it was Toby? That whole exchange about Leo being in trouble felt a little weird. Speaking of a little weird, are we to believe that  Kristin Chenoweth's Annabeth has a thing for Leo? Sure seemed like it on the elevator. If she has some Catherine Zeta-Jones thing going on, that's cool. But you don't need Charlie Frost's prognostication skills to know that Leo's bum ticker couldn't take too much of that Wicked action. Nice move by Santos to snatch the moral high ground from the religious right and the agnostic Vinick, but isn't it odd that evolution is still a hot-button political issue in 2005? C'mon people. Didn't Spencer Tracy clear all this up in Inherit the Wind? And what's with the term "intelligent design"? It makes it sound like God got a gig on Trading Spaces. "Let there be light but let's make it a nice Tiffany lamp and we'll put it in the corner, next to the chaise." Josh said it best, "It's Creationism in a Groucho mask."