I'm so happy to like a show on ABC Family again. After they broke my heart by canceling State of Grace, it seemed unlikely I'd find a series on this family-oriented network that would appeal to me. However, they've hit the soapy-good mark with Wildfire, a sassy, O.C.-inspired show that features a prison camp with horses, rich people fighting, underaged drinking and walks of shame. Of course, all the aforementioned bad stuff has its consequences, but it's good fun to watch, and the horses are pretty.... Is reality dead? Every month some optimistic person poses this question, hoping that the TV tides will turn back to scripted programming. But shows like Kill Reality just go to show that the genre is alive and well and has morphed into a bizarre new form, in which former reality stars show just how desperate they are to stay in the limelight and become full-fledged actors. Of course they have to live in a house and share bedrooms and all that good stuff otherwise what kind of reality show would it be?  but they are trying to make a movie that Survivor schemer Rob C. wrote. It's only been one episode and already my mind is blown  Tonya from the Real World slept with Jonny Fairplay?  and there's drama with Toni Ferrari complaining about the minuscule part that they wrote especially for her. Can any of them really act? Who knows, but the behind-the-scenes antics should be a wild ride.