I'm so happy we got another round of runway lessons this cycle! How strange that they actually concentrate on, like, a major component of modeling! Not so fast, Miss Traditional. This is no basic training. Tonight, after a brief primer on proper stripping technique from Miss J., the girls got the most esoteric instruction on "aswirl" from seemingly conjoined twins Richard and Ron Harris. Actually, Joanie put it best (of course!), calling them "Count Dracula meets a hairdresser." Hmmm. Maybe more like Sesame Street's Count.

Meanwhile, back at the house, sweet little hippie Brooke has decided to unleash her wrath on phone-hogging Nnenna, who, it turns out, has quite the cruel streak: We saw in flashbacks how many times she full-on guffawed at Brooke's failures during judging. Nnenna's overconfidence has been grating on me, too. Loved Danielle's vivid description of the chemist's phone habits... something to do with the sun rising and setting, the Eiffel Tower and roosters. But Brooke had better get a thicker skin soon, 'cause that's not something the makeup artist can apply for her.

The concept of the church fashion show and its role in African-American culture was completely new and fascinating to me. I wouldn't have wanted to be one of the people close to the aisle getting whacked by all of Jade's "aswirl." Danielle: gorgeous and a great walker, but will someone please buy her some clear deodorant?

Next came the photo shoot, where everyone involved must have been receiving a $50 bill for each time they said "Payless Shoes." Sorry, those shoes looked cheap! And krumping has gone from underground phenomenon to cool art film to Top Model background image in just under a year. Then Tyra and Miss J. even did their own spastic interpretation of it. So sad. Tommy the Clown can go commiserate with the Wild Boyz when this is all over.
Finally, it was pretty clear that Leslie and her "duck butt" walk would be strutting out the door tonight. I'm pretty sure I walk that way, too; it's one of the only ways you can tell I'm half Latina. (And now I'm racially profiling worse than Jay "Make the black girls proud" Manuel.) Take some Pilates or something, Les, and you'll eventually work it out.