See, this is why I'm against guns. It's all fun and games until someone gets clipped in the head. Granted, it was Charlie who took the bullet, and the guys did think he was knocking over Paddy's, which he sort of was for the insurance cash, but still. Bad idea, putting a firearm in the hands of these doofuses. Or is that doofi? Not sure. What I am sure of is that we lovelovelove Michael Rosenbaum popping in as Dee's gun-crazy, bar-robbing beau. Makes me yearn for the return of Smallville, you know? Anyway, for those of you from outside my fair 'hood, let me just say that the bars, from what I can tell, are quite safe around here. Except for maybe the Westgate Pub and really, we suspect that whole triple-shooting brouhaha had to do with something a little more scandalous than their chicken cheesesteaks and 'Cooler rock-expert Joe Hudak's bartending ex. Whatever the case, it's a grand town and these guys are doing me so proud, because the city that loves you back also loves to laugh. Even at things like Mac and Dennis' beer-soaked shootout. I think it helps us forget all the crying we do over our sports teams.