I'm chortling less than a minute in with the "bingo's a distraction" line, but can't say I'm too crazy about the angry-disabled-guy-in-the-bathroom joke followed by the angry-stuttering-guy-in-the-parking-lot gag. Color me touchy, but it was that type of thing that I didn't like much about Seinfeld, either. Yet I'm laughing at the "friend o' lesbians" routine and the racist-dog subplot, so it just goes to show you how subjective humor is, or how inconsistent I am, or something. Wanda Sykes gets me with her unquotable (on a family-friendly site, anyway) rant about how Larry assumes she's his link into the black world and his "Klan dog." And by the end, Larry is, as Jeff says, "back in the lesbian bosom" until Sheriff the dog shifts to hating lesbians. Or maybe just hating Rosie O'Donnell. Who cares? It's funny.