With the insanity of American Idol's return only a month away, judge Randy Jackson needs to stay in top shape, which is an especially difficult challenge over the holidays. "I just don't eat all that traditional stuff," he told TVGuide.com at a Wednesday event for the Heart of Diabetes campaign. "The better tastes are generally laden with a lot of butter and a lot of sugar, and that's not a good thing for me."

Jackson, who was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes six years ago, said he has to adjust his lifestyle to stay healthy and active, especially during these few months.

"I've kind of turned almost vegetarian now, so it's just a different life for me," he said. "I was a vegetarian about 15 years ago, so I'm drifting back towards that side now." Jackson also plans to spend time with family over the holidays before Idol returns on Jan. 15. - Rob Moynihan