People magazine cover photo by Michael Lavine/ People magazine cover photo by Michael Lavine/

Following years of public speculation, Clay Aiken will publicly acknowledge that he is gay in a new issue of People.

The former American Idol contestant will announce his news in Wednesday's issue with a cover story that reads, "Yes, I'm Gay," across a photo of Aiken and his infant son. "I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things," the subhead reads, according to a photo of the magazine cover on In August, the singer's friend and music producer Jaymes Foster, gave birth to a baby that Aiken fathered.

Aiken, who's currently starring in Spamalot on Broadway, has evaded questions about his sexuality for years.

The timing of Aiken's reveal seems like a more surprising aspect of the new mag's cover than the news itself. What do you think of this confession? - Anna Dimond

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