What's worse than being a talentless has-been? Being a talentless has-been with no sense of humor. I'm referring, of course, to Corey Clark, who is apparently miffed at Fox and American Idol producers for spoofing his Primetime Live tell-all on Wednesday's Idol finale. (For those who FauxVo'd Idol and sped past everything but the last five minutes: A TV newsman presented a satirical report that revealed Simon Cowell's "secret relationship" with himself.) "We're reminded once again that not only are they not taking [his allegations] seriously, but they don't feel as though we should take it seriously," Clark's rep told AP Radio. "It's simply baffling to me that Fox would actually resurrect this controversy by doing something like that... It's a slap in the face." (Enter your own Paula Abdul joke here, 'cause I'm still fresh out.)