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Watch Ian Somerhalder Play Would You Rather: TVD's Damon Salvatore or V Wars' Luther Swann?

He makes some pretty bold choices

Keisha Hatchett

When it comes to an apocalypse, there's only one person Ian Somerhalder wants in his corner, and that's the devilishly handsome Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries. To be fair, the nearly 200-year-old vamp comes with extremely useful abilities, like superhuman strength, remarkable speed, and the ability to compel others into doing his bidding.

Somerhalder compared his popular former role to his latest, a brilliant scientist named Dr. Luther Swann in the sci-fi horror V Wars, during a fun game of Who Would You Rather? While Damon might be the best choice when it comes to an end-of-the-world fight or dressing for a red carpet event, Somerhalder noted that Swann has amazing qualities of his own: he has a big heart, which makes him an excellent pet sitter and someone more quipped to dole out relationship advice.

Ian Somerhalder Says the Vampires in V Wars Aren't Like the Ones in The Vampire Diaries

These likable characteristics will be on full display in V Wars, which is currently streaming on Netflix. Adapted from Jonathan Maberry's acclaimed graphic novels, the series imagines an apocalyptic world in which a mysterious virus has turned regular people into ravenous predators. As a war brews between humans and vamps, Swann races against the clock to find a cure and hopefully save his best friend, Michael Fayne (Arrow's Adrian Holmes), one of the first humans to turn and a rising vampire leader.

V Wars is now streaming on Netflix.

​Ian Somerhalder, The Vampire Diaries and V Wars

Ian Somerhalder, The Vampire Diaries and V Wars

Bob Mahoney/The CW and Peter H. Stranks/Netfliix