Ready for something truly terrifying? Pairs of women in red cloaks walked solemnly around West Hollywood on Monday (June 12th) in an absurdly effective blend of fact and fiction as part of Hulu's Emmy campaign for The Handmaid's Tale.

These "handmaids" interacted with strangers on the street, never breaking character, making this either the silliest or scariest For Your Consideration event yet, depending on your personal preference for performance art.

The Eyes are watching. #Handmaids crossing. #Praisebe #WestHollywood #hulu #fyc

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Hulu's timely dystopian drama has rocketed to popularity during its short first season, making it a major Emmy contender for Outstanding Drama Series. Still, these awards are usually about how much cash a network is willing to doll out to promote any given show, and Hulu just proved that they're willing to pay some pretty big bucks for a flashy campaign.

Blessed be the fruit, we guess?

The Handmaid's Tale Season 1 finale premieres Wednesday.