Howie is training himself to be a Jedi warrior, but isn't aware of that whole abstinence thing. Why does that make me really worried about what he is using as a lightsaber? As predicted, the week of butt-kissing has commenced, including annoying Ivette, who insisted she's liked Kaysar from the beginning. Oh, K, if you believe that maybe you are just a pretty face. But even if he is just eye candy, at least he was smart enough to put that slim-shady James on the chopping block. His "partner" couldn't make it in at the last minute? Yeah, right. If you're going to try to pull that off, you need someone other than the easy-to-read Sarah as a partner, and it wouldn't hurt if said teammate knew how to spell cauliflower. I mean, in Howie's defense  wow, those were words I never thought I'd find myself typing  rhubarb is a tricky word. But I watched the National Spelling Bee a few months back, and I seriously think those kids would have laughed out loud that these houseguests couldn't figure out spaghetti and broccoli. It's a sad state when preteens can spell better than high-school and college graduates. Maybe that could be some food for thought for the roomies while they're all stuck on PB&J for a week.