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Howie and

Rachel are a team? I'm a little shocked, but mostly that just makes me even more convinced that she's really playing this game and is a force to be reckoned with. The other players would do well to oust her early on when they have a chance. Since discovering that

Maggie is partnered with Eric, I'm thinking she's not just a little Rachel clone and might actually be cooler than I thought. Somehow the person who lost points in my book when her secret alliance was revealed was Sarah. I thought she was cute and sweet, but the snippets of her relationship with James made her seem a little too needy. Especially if her biggest concern is whether Ivette is James' type. Honey, you've got nothing to worry about. Even if James does try and flirt with her, he'll get shot down pretty quickly. Meanwhile, Janelle is on her own after the elimination of her partner, Ashlea. I had already started prepping questions for Kaysar because I was sure his constant worrying would be his downfall. But according to their little eviction speeches, the women found Ashlea more annoying and Kaysar less trustworthy. I guess being shady is a good thing? Interesting, though, that they showed both James and Janelle voting Kaysar out. You would have thought James would have coordinated his voting strategy with someone either his girlfriend, or the guy alliance. Instead, he just looked miffed. Regardless I think Eric's new reign as HOH will shake things up in the house and maybe shake some sense into James.