Howard Stern by Jemal Coutess/ Howard Stern by Jemal Coutess/

Legendary shock jock Howard Stern isn't going anywhere - at least not for a couple more years.

Stern and iN DEMAND Networks have agreed to continue Howard TV on-demand service, which provides subscribers' video-on-demand access to Stern's uncensored radio show and other original programs, through the end of 2010. That date also marks the end of his contract with Sirius Satellite Radio.

As part of the extension, Howard TV is adding seven new exclusive uncensored shows featuring Stern's outrageous crew doing even more outrageous stunts. The new shows include Wack Pack Bowling featuring Beetlejuice, Jeff the Drunk and other recurring characters in a wild bowling tournament and Beat the Booey, a game show that allows fans to test their knowledge of the Howard Stern Show against producer Gary "Baba Booey" Dell'Abate for $5,000.

Howard TV is available on most major cable providers. - Adam Bryant