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How Asher Became How to Get Away with Murder's Sole Good Guy -- But Will It Stay That Way?

Trotter Lake is "gonna be a doozy"

Joyce Eng

Leave it to someone nicknamed Doucheface to be the only decent person on How to Get Away with Murder. "It is kind of funny and fun," Matt McGorry tells "And by fun, I mean it's great to show another side of him."

The brash rich kid was a shadow of his former self last week -- a tortured mess who was torn between doing the right thing and what his girlfriend wants. Asher considered taking a deal with prosecutor Sinclair (Emily Burns) to give up Sam's killer, which he believed to be Bonnie (Liza Weil), who took the blame to protect the Keating 4. And when she couldn't use her feminine wiles and the "L" word to keep him quiet, Annalise (Viola Davis) had to fix things herself, by showing Asher a video of Bonnie getting sexually assaulted by her father as a child. And if that wasn't enough, he and Bonnie drove off on Murder Night, and he left her behind at a gas station bathroom to go to a police station to "make a statement."

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Unfortunately, McGorry says we won't see the rest of that police station scene "for a while," but he wouldn't be surprised if Asher came clean with whatever happened that night that leaves Sinclair pavement meat and Annaslise shot and bleeding out. The aggro loudmouth who dropped amazing one-liners ("We make good spies") and made it rain has turned out to be the one person on the show with a conscience. And not just because he hasn't been part of any murder (for now).

"I would say that's true, more so than anyone else. Everyone has a stake obviously in Sam's murder and Rebecca's disappearance. Asher doesn't have a dog in the fight," McGorry says. "His choice is turning in Bonnie or not, which is more simple. Not simple in its complexity, but simple in terms of the fact that he's not guilty of anything himself. That also makes it a little more complicated. But he has a bit of a conscience. He's not typically a liar. He is someone who wants to do the right thing. He's grown up in a privileged life, where he didn't even know the types of things that he does could be inconsiderate of other people and he comes off as an ass. I don't think they're malicious acts. I think deep down he is a good guy."

Except for that thing at Trotter Lake. Maybe. Asher's deal with Sinclair is immunity for whatever happened there, which involved a girl named Tiffany and his dad. "No one knows yet what Trotter Lake is! That may put his conscience into greater question," McGorry warns. All will be revealed about Trotter Lake on Thursday. "It's gonna be a doozy. That I cannot reveal. It's like 'holy, holy sh--!' It's very complicated and very intense."

Even if Asher did a very, very bad thing at Trotter Lake, that doesn't negate what he's trying to do right these days. In fact, he might be this way because of what happened back then. Unlike the Keating 4, Annalise, Bonnie and Frank (Charlie Weber), who are content to wrap lie upon lie to distance themselves from all these murders, Asher is haunted by his past and is visibly remorseful. Like he told Bonnie, eventually your past catches up to you. "I think it's clear he reacts differently to things than everyone else," McGorry says. "[Trotter Lake] is something that he thinks about a lot. I don't know if I can say more than that without giving more away, but he's always been unapologetically upfront [so] to do this is eating him up inside."

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Does that mean he might give up Bonnie? And that's how they end up at the Hapstall mansion on Murder Night? "He's not great at keeping secrets," McGorry says. "That's the struggle for him. He's a terrible liar. I think he's trying to figure out how to navigate that in relation to protecting Bonnie. As far as he knows, she killed Sam because he was trying to sexually assault her. It's a tangled web of confusion trying to figure that out and what do from there."

Regardless of what Asher ends up doing, McGorry is just happy not to be excluded from the Murder Night activities this time around. "In Season 1, I had significantly more time off than the rest of the cast who had more to do for that, so it was cool to watch that. But it's cool to be part of it too, not just for me, but Asher too," he says. "The old Asher is more dick jokes and everything like that. It's nice to flex these muscles as well and be engaged and do dramatic work too. It's some really great stuff to play with. It's nice to feel stretched and challenged."

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.