Millions of dollars worth of diamonds were on display for the red carpet of the InStyle Diamond Fashion Awards held Thursday at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Gems of another sort made their way down the carpet in the form of celebs such as Debra Messing, Patricia Arquette and Sharon Stone. Stepping out as well was House's Jennifer Morrison. Along with spending downtime with friends in Greece, Morrison has been filming J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. "When I got the call to even come in and meet on it, I thought, 'Oh gosh, this is never going to work. I don't know anything about this,'" she shared with TV Guide. "But J.J. Abrams has got a really cool vision for it and I fit into that. It was lucky for me."

Though Morrison's lips are sealed when it comes to Star Trek specifics, she's slightly more revealing about what the future holds for House's Cameron. "For me, the storylines have been so removed from the central stuff that I feel like I'm on a different show. I'm like, 'Well, I live in the ER now.' I've got my own little world going on down there. Now that they have established the three that are staying, it'll be interesting to see how they start to pick up the rhythm and get their footing with all of us. We're all still waiting to see how that's going to work."

The similarities between the show's original fellows and the newcomers aren't lost on Morrison. "I think they're blatant," she says. "To me, '13' is very much like Cameron and Kal Penn is very much like Chase and Taub is very much like Foreman. They even dress like us. I don't know if that was intentional, or if it was a subconscious rollover, but it seems like they're fitting into that same mold."

Morrison has definite thoughts about the direction she'd like to see the series go in. "I don't think they really need anyone but me on the show," she jokes. "Me and [House] could just go and have an affair. We could go and be doctors in Africa somewhere and save the world." - Bekah Wright