House took quite a gamble with tonight's patient, who was technically Cuddy's patient. Six-year-old Ian (Carter Page) exhibits symptoms strikingly similar to a patient who had died 12 years before. Obsessed, House is out to solve his old case and this new one. In the process Ian undergoes a colonoscopy, tissue biopsy, MRI and a separate biopsy on the heart. He also suffers kidney failure, respiratory distress and cardiac arrest that leads to his brain's eight-minute oxygen depravation. Tuxedos, party dresses and oncology benefits aside, my question is: Did Ian suffer brain damage? The writers certainly made this issue disappear as easily as House's magic poker chip. I'll let it go because it was nice to see everyone out of the standard lab coat. Cameron's red dress took House's breath away. It's a good thing he has a new cane for support the thing can even break through metal locks should one's after-hours access to the cafeteria be impeded. As always, Wilson is best when interacting with House, even over the phone using cloak-and-dagger references to poker partner Cuddy. "The chicken is still in Picadilly Square," he says. I'll never think of Cuddy the same way again. When not spouting inanities to House, Wilson makes an astute point about the element of luck in House's diagnoses, and though House denies it, we know the secret is out of the bag. Now when are his protégés going to call his bluff?