Sting advises, "If you love someone, set them free." House's rendition includes banishing all thoughts of the love you threw away, so to distract himself, he:

  • induces migraines in himself and in Comatose Man,
  • destroys his med-school rival's clinical trials,
  • drops acid and
  • entertains a call girl.

All of these, of course, are disguised as clever means to work-related ends. All except the prostitute. Whether House is exposing the bad math of the doctor who got him kicked out of Johns Hopkins 20 years before or waking up his teenage burn patient to take a medical history, it's all about going to the extreme to avoid his own pain. "Nothing can hurt my heart," House says, though we all know that's a lie. Wilson, as ever, is filled with witty comebacks that balance out the caustic doctor's ill mood. Slipping into the light-sensitive doctor's darkened office, Wilson greets him with, "Dr. Jekyll, I presume? They found a half-eaten sheep in the zoo. The police want to ask you a few questions." Even that didn't get a smirk from the heartbroken one. With Stacy gone, House swings dangerously between hurting himself and hurting his patients. Hopefully somebody at Princeton-Plainsboro will catch him before he flies over the edge. Is it wrong to hope his salvation will come in Stacy's surprise return to the show? I don't think so. Fingers crossed.