Sex and the City
has ruined Ron Livingston for me. I can now only see him as that Post-it-using jerk who dumped Carrie. Good thing his turn as TB-curing humanitarian doctor Sebastian Charles also has a bit of an edge. Even so, I'm not buying the press conference in a patient's hospital room. I don't care how self-sacrificing Charles is being by refusing to take meds not available to the poor, or how important his issue may be. (That issue, by the way, was the lack of concern from rich nations for those dying of treatable illnesses in third-world countries.) Does House care about this issue? I think he might, but he bends over backwards to make everyone think he doesn't. This isn't new, though. Quite the opposite: House's MO is to convince the world that he basically has no regard for people in general, but his actions always get the best of him when he doesn't give up on his patients. Despite his ideological differences with Dr. Charles, House digs in his heels until he can make the correct diagnosis, which is always fun to watch as this heel-digging results in many amusing comebacks to any opponents. Formula dictates that the ill shall be made whole, and so Dr. Charles leaves the hospital under his own steam, and House has solved yet another baffling case. Now he and Wilson can get back to watching television in Comatose Man's room which isn't completely unethical, since we learned in this episode that TV and press conferences can both be used as diagnostic tools.