So the house isn't quite as lame as I initially thought. There is a teeny little in-ground pool, a hot tub and that surprisingly cool gold room (I've got a sneaking suspicion something else is inside those little golden books and that it isn't the Poky Little Puppy). But I don't trust that sneaky Rachel. Of course she was being underhanded while going out alone to find that hidden room without telling her housemates, and then lording her "findings" of the hot tub and plush sleeping room over everyone else. That girl is on a serious power trip and needs to be taken down fast, but is anyone up to the challenge? I want to think that it will be Eric, but his all-male alliance reeks of last season's Four Horsemen a group that crumbled when a girl came between them. I'd mostly be worried about Howie flip-flopping, since he seems to think that he's God's gift to women. But the guy's guy, with his ripped muscles and macho 'tude, was in the house all of what, three days, before he voluntarily decided to dress up in makeup and women's clothing? And it wasn't even for a challenge? Is it really that boring in this house? I hope that having a new head of household will spice things up so long as it isn't Rachel's minion Maggie and I won't be sad to see either of the two nominees go, though if I had to pick, I'd keep the quiet Kaysar around because he seems like he could potentially be interesting once you get to know him.