House House's emotional pain is manifesting itself physically. So much so that he's having Cuddy shoot morphine directly into his spine. The fact that the placebo Cuddy gave him relieved his pain proves everyone's point, especially Wilson's, that the increased pain in House's leg is psychological. See? House really

does have a heart, and it's aching for Stacy. Since Stacy left, he has been in increasing pain, and it's getting hard to watch. Frankly, I wasn't sure where they were going when he started to undo his pants in Cuddy's office, but like everything else House does, his actions served some nobler purpose. If exposing his atrophied thigh is what it takes to get some relief, then so be it. If only there were some of that purpose in the medical story line. Fifteen-year-old supermodel Alex has a heroin addiction, naturally perky boobs and boy parts. Oh, yeah, and she's seduced her father, but he's only really disturbed by that fact when he realizes that his hot daughter is really a boy. So then it's OK to sleep with your daughter? I wish the writers had shied away from the hermaphrodite shock value and written a decent child-abuse story instead. I wish that Cameron would stop being so predictably annoying. Most of all, I wish for more of Wilson and House playing around in the MRI, "House, this is God." Priceless.