Returns: Monday, April 28, at 9 pm/ET (Fox) Number of new episodes: 4

Where we left off: "Oh, my Godyou're sleeping with me!" Dr. House dropped that hilarious, homoerotic bombshell on his pal Wilson in the last new episode. And it'll continue to get big play when House returns. Is Wilson really romancing Amber - aka Cutthroat Bitch - because she's so much like his crabby friend? What's next: On the medical front, creator David Shore promises "the ultimate case to drive House nuts - a male patient who is really, really nice." The grumpy doc doesn't believe such a rosy attitude can be real. It must be a symptom of some disease. "In another case, House - an obsessive soap fan - becomes convinced one of his fave daytime stars ( Sex and the City's Jason Lewis) is ill and doesn't know it. A Super season-ender: The season will end with the two-parter that was supposed to follow the Super Bowl (but was bumped due to the writers' strike). "We're not known for traditional cliff-hangers," Shore admits, "but this time we definitely leave the audience wondering what'll happen to everyone. Each character will be affected in a personal way." Watch full episodes | Photos | More Returning Favorites coverage