Wendie Malick, Alan Dale and Craig Ferguson Wendie Malick, Alan Dale and Craig Ferguson

How do you pull off a fantastic wedding when your betrothed is rotting behind bars for tax evasion? We'll find out this season on TV Land's Hot in Cleveland as determined bride-to-be Victoria (Wendie Malick) pulls one wacky stunt after another to make her dream come true. "Victoria's had several weddings," Malick says, "but I think she is more madly in love with Sir Emmett Lawson than anyone she's ever been married to."

Alan Dale, who plays Emmett, is no stranger to ill-fated TV nuptials, having succumbed to a heart attack on Ugly Betty during his character's wedding to Vanessa Williams's Wilhelmina. "This time I'm spending my entire engagement in a bright-orange prison suit," Dale says. "But it's OK. He's very much in love with this girl."

Offering the couple support during the episodes leading up to the ceremony (which takes place on the September 4 season finale) are guest stars Tom Arnold as Emmett's slimy attorney, Ugly Betty's Michael Urie as Victoria's reluctant wedding planner and Malick's Just Shoot Me! costar ­Enrico Colantoni as one of Victoria's ex-husbands. As for Victoria's dress, "She goes back to being a virgin bride — the whole Madonna thing," Malick says. "I don't care that I'm 62 — I can still pull off the ingenue!"

Not surprisingly, former soap star Victoria turns the event into a grand publicity stunt. "We sell our wedding story for many thousands of dollars to a celebrity magazine," says Dale. "Craig Ferguson plays a journalist who is also qualified to marry us."

But a happily-ever-after honeymoon is most likely not in the cards. "Victoria's closest friends — Joy [Jane Leeves], Melanie [Valerie Bertinelli] and Elka [Betty White] — are all in attendance, standing up for me and probably thinking, 'This won't go well,'" says Malick. "And they're probably right. No man can ever stay on Hot in Cleveland for any extended length of time!"

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