Oddsmakers in Las Vegas are betting on Colby to triumph as the $1 million winner on Survivor: The Australian Outback. In fact, Bally's race and sports operations director John Avello gives the Texan stud 2-1 odds. "Colby has brains and brawn," Avello tells TV Guide Online. "He's the favorite, but he'd better keep winning Immunity Challenges." Sweetheart Elisabeth follows at 5-2, while chef Keith comes in at 7-2 and snarky Tina trails miserably at 4-1. Wagers Avello: "Tina's my long shot because a few weeks ago during a Tribal Council, she made some comment like, 'The people here right now are the best and deserve to be here.' And she got some nasty looks from Jerri and Alicia. Now remember, they will be voting [in the jury] at the very end — so I see Tina as an outsider, even if she makes the final two." Speaking of Jerri, the aspiring actress will play herself in an episode of The Young and the Restless to air May 28.