On Thursday, Showtime announced premiere dates for two of its biggest series, Homeland and Billions, making the longer wait for both series a little easier.

The award-winning Homeland, which has traditionally aired in the fall, will move to winter for its sixth season and premiere on Jan. 15 at 9/8c. Homeland will reveal the fate of Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) after last season's cliffhanger left his life in jeopardy. The new season will take place in New York, and center in part on a presidential election, with Elizabeth Marvel playing the president-elect.

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Billions, which also stars Homeland alum Damian Lewis, will kick off its second season on Feb. 19 at 10/9c.

The staggered premieres are part of Showtime's new strategy to roll out a new premiere every month of the calendar year. The strategy kicks off this fall with Masters of Sex Season 4 coming Sept. 11, Shameless Season 7 will air Oct. 4, and The Affair Season 3, which returns on Nov. 2o.

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