It's all about being home for the holiday this week, and the tension builds as the brats await the verdict. Lauren accuses Isaiah of faking his progress, and Jada's integrity issue is addressed once more while they all aim to be homeward bound. Then comes the "Empty Chair Exercise," in which each brat symbolically confronts his/her demon. Heather gives an unusual glimpse into her psyche when she speaks to her birth mother. Lexie has some choice words for the man who assaulted her and seems less burdened afterward. Finally, the moment has come. And the Oscar goes to... Lexie and Heather (and perhaps Nick, perhaps not). Lexie had this thing slam-dunked when she rappelled down the mountain, but Heather was a spoiler. When has she ever talked about herself outside of tonight's empty mother chair? If anything, she seemed the most emotionally closed off of all the campers, well, except for the wondrous Jada. I'm not much for parting scenes, but as Lexie, Heather and Nick tearfully reunite with their families, the scene is reminiscent of a Disney score. Can you say cheese, please?