David Hasselhoff by Dave Bjerke/NBC Photo David Hasselhoff by Dave Bjerke/NBC Photo

Sexy, fast and action-packed, NBC's Knight Rider is revving up for a fall start. Continuing with its redux of the classic series - complete with a fresh cast and an all-new K.I.T.T. - the TV-movie-turned-series has plans that map out a second season, should it do well with the masses.

Still, some of us just can't get enough of David Hasselhoff - aka the original Michael Knight. Speaking on a Thursday Comic-Con panel, one of the show's gurus admitted that they're down for a Hoff return, too - and not just for his requisite cameo.

One of the show's honchos divulged that yes, there was a breakfast meeting with Hasselhoff for what was meant to be an hour-and-a-half. Four hours later, it was agreed that if the show gets decent mileage, the original Michael Knight might return. Between the Hoff's apparently busy schedule and NBC already having eight shows in the can, though, they'd only bring him back full-time for "something very specific, and to extend the new mythology."

So far, the new version of Michael Knight - Justin Bruening's Mike Tracer - is holding his own, although he admitted to being humbled when he met the legend. And as for his new set of wheels? Creators promise that there's more to his relationship with K.I.T.T. to be revealed - and, were it not for an 8 pm time slot, they joked - that dynamic might just be a little steamy. - Anna Dimond