The show has hit its stride. The weakest players are gone, the teams have been reshuffled and I'm happy to say Alexis finally seems comfortable on screen. The reorganization separated former teammates Marcela and Bethenny, and as luck would have it, the task had them going head to head designing limited-edition salad dressings for Wishbone. Bethenny, confident in her abilities, was sure she'd bring home a win for Primarius, so it was nice to see Marcela, who admitted to Bethenny's superior skill, create a recipe that outsold the other team's. Both the Rosemary Lime Vinaigrette and the Asian Vinaigrette look delicious, and I can't wait to try them. Thanks to Charles and Alexis' commercial, I know I can find them in a store near me. In the end it wasn't just taste buds but sales and marketing that determined the win. Jim's sales tactics earned Primarius a customer complaint that nearly shut down their operation, yet project manager Jennifer did not pull him from the floor. Her concern that Jim would be even more out of control if she reassigned him would be her downfall. Meanwhile, Matchstick outsold Primarius, despite Leslie's drug-pusher selling style, earning their first win and a nice reward sailing in New YorkHarbor. Loved Martha offering to loan out her personal blanket as a defense against the cold sea air. It's so like her to have that in her trunk. I also love how Martha has taken control of the conference room. Looks like no more project managers will be choosing who will stay behind. Jim and Jennifer remained to face the panel, and Martha called Jim out on his "inappropriate" manner but Jennifer's weak leadership and inability to control Jim sent her packing. Jim's safe for now but with the way Martha's looking at this "live wire," his days are numbered.