Hit Me Baby One More Time
Go Thelma! The disco diva was slammin' on that Alicia Keyes tune and totally deserved the prize this week, and I'm not just saying that because she was one of the nicest people I have ever interviewed. But she really rocked the house, unlike last week's performance by Irene Cara which was just so-so. Thankfully the savvy online audience made the right choice and voted for the deserving Howard Jones who did a beautiful cover of a Dido song. Which was sadly forced out of my mind by Club Nouveau's ho-hum rendition of Dido's "Thank You." I can't say that is entirely their fault, every time I hear that song I keep waiting for Eminem to pop in with "Dear Stan." I was a bit worried for Thelma when I heard Greg Kihn's cover of Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," which started out all mellow and then turned really rockin'. Though I have to admit that while I knew every word to their big hit — really all of them and not just the unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, ah part — I had no idea it was called "The Breakup Song." To me the real breakup song is the heartwrenching "At This Moment" that Billy Vera revived to a tee along with all my memories of stupid boys who weren't worth my time. His voice is still golden and he did quite an acceptable job of performing that Ryan Cabrera song and making me not think of Ashlee Simpson, oh wait, darn it, I really can't hear "True" without her popping into my head. That song gets demerits just for that. And Glass Tiger also lost a few points when they stepped on stage the second time and the lead singer was wearing the T-shirt of the band he is in. That's a cardinal rock don't, or at least it is according to Can't Hardly Wait. — Angel Cohn

The Cut Okay, it is time for Princess to go. I didn't even learn any fun new words this week, though perhaps if her poetry wasn't almost entirely censored I would have. I'd feel bad for Chris S. getting ousted if I had a clue who the heck he was. Honestly, I don't remember seeing him in any of the two previous challenges. I was liking Shauna the fur killer, but now that she's on this witch hunt to get rid of the uppity but seemingly competent Liz, I think she should be on the to be cut list pretty soon too. But the biggest shocker of the night was Julie, can she really be that age and be that naïve to not realize that there are a lot of flamboyant gay people in the fashion industry? And her whole bigoted comment about not understanding the men on the phone? Honey, that is English they are speaking and you'd better find someone to make you a phrasebook stat if you plan on sticking around the tough city streets.

Have to say though, I'd head over to that jump jiving Cotton Club for a night of swing dancing. It looked pretty happening and very authentic. But what was unauthentic was an occurrence of my big reality pet peeve: The contestants were standing on the street corner when it started snowing on their heads. I know they filmed this show while ago, but seeing snow in July in the city that I had been walking through a mere hour before and sweating, sort of ruins the "reality" of the situation for me. Not that I really care in this situation, until they have a challenge where they actually design clothes, I'm protesting. — AC

Channel Surfing Actual famous people who are still working were on tonight's Celebrity Charades. Shocker! Rosie Perez, Hank Azaria, Ana Gastyer, Isaac Mizrahi... well, I don't know if he really counts as a celeb, but since he's making clothes for the Target masses that at least makes him famous. Got to love seeing how different people interpret a clue. For instance, Chad Lowe took Titanic and did first syllable and mimed a necktie. Rosie took on the same title did first syllable and pointed at her boob. Yup, hers got the point across quite well, with a laugh. And it was nice to see that she was looking better than she did in this recent mug shot, um, posed photograph... I only caught the tail end of Strip Search this week, and mostly just saw the preview for next week's show where the guys have to learn how to get the females in the audience interested and involved by placing key body parts in strategic places. I thought I'd accidentally turned on some Pay-per-view channel. What kind of show is this? — AC

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