Lauren, Whitney and Audrina of The Hills courtesy MTV Lauren, Whitney and Audrina of The Hills courtesy MTV

If a tip-off to Us is to be believed, The Hills will be back for a fourth season! (And here I was, pre-mourning the Season 3 finale May 12).

The renewal may leave some of you wondering just what else could be in store for the reality cast that's seemingly seen it all? To celebrate the news, here are some uneducated predictions on what, in fact, could possibly go down in Season 4:

" New lunches. But with the backdrop of new pop-rock tracks with lots of feelings suggested, there will be even less talking: Just pensive looks and wide-shots of L.A. as the camera pans out from the salad-eating.

" New Frenemy of the State (maybe Whitney?). Thought frenemies would be untrendy after the tundra between Lauren and Heidi thawed a little? Think again.

" New shopping destinations. Deep talks and diplomatic solutions in cloaked language emerge while perusing racks of hip new clothes. Life looks better after dropping some Gs and talking things out.

Big congrats, Hills! Can't wait for more. In the meantime, have any predictions of your own? - Anna Dimond

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