Eva La Rue Eva La Rue

As if keeping your job in this economy wasn't hard enough, Eva La Rue's character Natalia Boa Vista puts her entire career on the line when she takes aim at Horatio (David Caruso) on Sunday's episode of CSI: Miami (10/9c, CBS).  

When Boa Vista doubts the story of a murder suspect (guest star Shawn Hatosy) who suffers from gruesome visions, but has no recollection of killing the victim, she goes undercover to see if he could possibly be telling the truth. "It's a very different episode from what we normally do," says La Rue. "This opens up in Shawn's [character's] nightmare. Blood is all over the walls. You're trying to figure out what's going on."

To make sense of his visions, Boa Vista visits the psychic (The Daily Show's Beth Littleford) he blames for the murder he supposedly committed, and becomes drugged, herself. "The drug is a weed derivative, and erases your memory. You hallucinate like crazy on it," says La Rue. "One recurring theme is that you see a glowing orb for a face. So people become very faceless, and you either think they're monsters, or they're aliens. So I think that it's my exhusband coming back to kill me."

Unfortunately for Horatio, he's at the other end of the imagined attack. "She's in a lot of trouble," says Caruso. "Firing at your cohorts is tricky business and difficult to explain if there were to be an inquiry." But Boa Vista isn't likely to get fired for taking pot shots at her boss. "Horatio, true to his spectacular form, keeps it quiet," says La Rue. "But it can't mean a big promotion any time soon for Natalia."

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