My Big Fat Greek Wedding once again had to settle for bridesmaid status at the box office. In its 21st week of release, the sleeper smash maintained its No. 2 ranking with $10.6 million, behind teen thriller Swimfan, which opened at No. 1 with $12.4 million. Don't feel too sorry for the folks behind the indie success story: Although it has yet to reach first place, the romantic comedy is just $4 million shy of hitting the $100 million mark. Not bad for a movie that cost just $5 million to make. The Robert De Niro-Frances McDormand drama City by the Sea, meanwhile, debuted in third place with $9.1 million. Rounding out the top five: Signs (No. 4 with $8 million) and XXX (No. 5 with $5.5 million).