Corbin Bleu, <EM>High School Musical</EM> Corbin Bleu, High School Musical

If you thought the kids from High School Musical couldn't possibly soar any higher, think again. On Oct. 8 Corbin Bleu literally defied gravity as part of the Northrop Grumman Weightless Flights of Discovery, a program designed to provide teachers with material that will inspire kids to pursue careers in math and science. When Bleu returned to earth, was there to talk about his flight experience as well as the upcoming HSM3. Tell me exactly what happened up there!
Corbin Bleu: Well, they take you up in a modified plane that has had all the seats removed, leaving an empty space in the middle for me to move around in. What they do then is move the plane in a way that creates a very, very strong force of gravity, a lot stronger than we're used to. It's like those rides where you're standing up alongside the wall that spins and it feels like you're being pushed against the wall. Yeah....
Bleu: Except here you're against the floor. Then the plane goes in the opposite direction and when it goes down you actually experience zero gravity for about 30 seconds. You get to float around the room feeling like you are in outer space, like an astronaut. Is that nuts?
Bleu: It's indescribable, it's indescribable. You literally can spin around and flip and do anything, like push off the wall and go flying across the room like Superman. We did a really cool experiment where you dump water out of the bottle and it floats. And you can, like, fly up to it and drink it. How did you get involved with this?
Bleu: What the Northrop Grumman Foundation does is try to inspire kids to enjoy science and math. They bring all these teachers up to experience this really, really cool sensation and this cool phenomenon and capture it and record it. The teachers go back to their students, who are, of course, awed by this incredible feat and [then they'll] hopefully gain an interest in science. The point of me being there was pretty much to have someone in the entertainment field show them what incredible things math and science can do. High School Musical has literally taken your life to new heights.
Bleu: It has, it has. I'm now heading to the airport, to get on a plane to Italy to promote High School Musical. After that, I get to go to Paris. It's my first time in France. Let's talk a little about High School Musical 3. I've heard that you guys are going to start shooting in January. Is that true?
Bleu: I don't know. I'm not quite sure if that's the case. That might be a little bit of a rumor. I think there are no dates really set in stone at the moment. I'm not even signed yet. Have you been approached?
Bleu: Actually, I have been approached and I'm in negotiations and working on just figuring it out. I definitely would love to be a part of it. Have you received any sort of details? Is there a script? A plotline?
Bleu: No, we don't have a script yet, but I'm pretty sure the plotline is going to be graduation and the final senior year at East High. And is this pretty much a done deal for you? You're definitely in? The two previous movies have been so successful.
Bleu: Yeah, they've been incredible experiences and it's really going to be nice to go back for one last hurrah and then just finish up the whole High School Musical phenomenon. You know, it's going to be great, but also stressful. I've got another movie that I'm going to be working on in November. What's that?
Bleu: It's called Metal Burning, and it's a coming-of-age movie of this young man who's supporting his whole family and trying to kind of find himself through Motocross. Do you feel like after High School Musical you need to find a different kind of role to prove your acting chops?
Bleu: I think that, and also, I think mainly for self-fulfillment. You know, I have always just loved acting and I have always loved the work, loved to be able to play different characters and portray different roles for myself because I love a challenge and to be able to go out and do different roles like that. And that's not the only reason, you know — there's a whole bunch of different scripts in the works right now. We're trying to figure out what other projects I have, so hopefully you'll be seeing a whole bunch of… a different array of characters. Is this a Disney project?
Bleu: No, this is an independent film with Regal Entertainment, and I'm actually producing on it. You are? Why did you feel you wanted to produce?
Bleu: Well, you know, I think I'm at a point in my career right now that I definitely want to make a little more impact on the projects that I'm working on. And I definitely want to have a little bit more creative control as well. I, of course, have my own vision that I would love for my own career and I just, artistically, would like to make an impact. So as a producer, you get that power, you get that control to have much more of a say in your projects. So when you said "last hurrah," you probably meant it, as well? Three High School Musicals is enough?
Bleu: I think three is a charm. How do you think you guys have changed since this all blew up?
Bleu: In a lot of different ways, you know? Our lives have. And the opportunities that have come from it. And I think as people... I know for me, as a person, I've pretty much stayed the same. I still have a great background. My dad comes with me everywhere I go and I wouldn't be able to do it without him and [I'm] just glad to have him there to keep me grounded. My entire family is wonderful. We all just... we do what we can to stay normal and just stay grounded and I think the main thing is everything around us is going crazy, but we try to stay as calm as possible. Especially with what's happened recently. Do you guys feel like your lives aren't your own?
Bleu: It's a crazy time, as you know, so to kind of be under the microscope definitely puts a different spin on things. But with the bad comes the good. There are so many wonderful experiences that you get to experience. So many incredible people, so many places you get to travel to. Just things that you never truly would do in your lifetime, such as the experience today. I wouldn't have been able to go and experience what it feels like to be flying. So the incident with Vanessa, was that a wake-up call when it comes to protecting your privacy?
Bleu: I think that one of the most important things to remember is that, as people, whether you're under the microscope or not, you should try to practice good morals and try to practice being a good person. As long as you are doing that as a person, no matter what, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. [But] if you're trying to put up a good image and then at the same time you're out partying and doing a whole bunch of other stuff wrong, it becomes a little bit more of a pressure because you have to worry about trying to uphold that. But if you're doing exactly what you're saying you're doing, then you have nothing to worry about. How is Vanessa?
Bleu: No comment on that. I'm sorry. That's OK. Are you guys really protective of each other?
Bleu: Yes, we are. Absolutely. Definitely.

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