Actress Paula Marshall is hiding something. While she stars on NBC's comedy Hidden Hills — as a wife and mother in complete control over a chaotic suburban household — she's no June Cleaver. "Except for the cool clothes, my real life is night and day," admits the 38-year-old. "I'm not married and have no children, so I'm acting my butt off!"

But the Rockville, Md. native is used to stretching away from her own reality. She's been a romance counselor on the short-lived, but critically-acclaimed Cupid; a private eye on David E. Kelly's Snoops; and an NYU student reporter who "outs" George and Jerry in a classic Seinfeld episode. Not that there's anything wrong with that. "I've been on a lot of shows, and I don't plan on going anywhere," she chuckles. "I want to star in The Golden Girls 2 when I'm 80." Here, we grill the Hills star for more info on her quirky career.

TVGO: Can you relate to life in suburbia?
Marshall: Growing up, I was captain of my high school's pom-pom squad and dated a football player. I know the station wagon world.

TVGO: Attend any "Mommy and Me" classes to prepare for portraying a maternal type?
Marshall: It's just TV. I didn't have to actually give birth to be on the series. The producers give me tips on being motherly, but on the set, it's so obvious I'm the only non-parent.

TVGO: Your Hidden Hills costar Kristin Bauer also appeared on a well-known Seinfeld episode as "Man Hands." Have you compared notes?
Marshall: I didn't know! It is a rare honor to be one of Jerry's women. We are like the Bond girls, only funny.

TVGO: Is there something you'd like to keep Hidden from the world?
Marshall: [groans] Snoops. That was embarrassing. We wanted to pull off being as cool as Charlie's Angels. We didn't.