Hi, my name is Joe, and I have a problem: I'm a live-music junkie. I just can't resist the siren song of an intimate club show, as my wallet can attest. So even though I live in relative squalor, I have seen a lot of bands. For whatever reason, there are a ton of incredible performers on the circuit who haven't hit national success yet. The Bielanko Brothers, Jay Morgans and Edward Gieda all come to mind. And after watching Jessica sing to be saved as part of last night's bottom three (along with Suzie and Deanna), I can add her name to that list, too. I'm simply stumped as to why she hasn't made it prior to this series. The girl possesses a vicious voice, an assured stage presence and, oh yeah, sex appeal to burn. With or without INXS, I'd pay to see Jess in a sweaty bar. And it looks like it's gonna be without 'em, cause Jessica is sent packing by Taskmaster Tim. Can that guy crack the whip or what? I have to wonder, though, if he's just going through the motions. How can there be any doubt in Tim's Sydney skull that fellow mate MiG is the right one for his band, (pause) INXS?