Train Train

The online petition to stop "Hey, Soul Sister" from being used in ads clearly did not hurt its popularity: The inescapable Train tune has been named the best-selling single of the year by iTunes.

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If you just let out a groan, you're not the only one. The catchy, mid-tempo track with a nonsensical chorus has been annoying in its ubiquity. In October, Brad Meyers and Keith Stoeckeler created the website Stop Advertising From Pulling a Train

in an effort to "keep track of everyone who apparently needs some new taste in music" after the tune infiltrated countless television advertisements and somehow made 3-D TVs unappealing.Even Glee has given into the song's charms, when Darlton Warbler Blaine (Darren Criss) crooned the song last month. At least he made it somewhat tolerable (if only because he sang a truncated version.)But enough's enough, right? Or is Train cruising full-speed ahead to worldwide domination?

Watch Criss' rendition below: