Can't get enough of Heroes? Thanks to cast member Adrian Pasdar, fans can get a special behind the scenes look at some of their favorite actors from the show. Pasdar has posted a series of videos on YouTube under the name "Buckshotwon." "They're little snapshots into the life of what we do when we're not filming," he says. The videos range from simple - Hayden Panettiere shopping for shoes in Paris - to stylized - Milo Ventimiglia and Jack Coleman doing an improv Pellegrino commercial during an airport layover. Of course, Pasdar has his favorites. "There's a cute one of Hayden at the Georges V Paris playing hide and seek with the camera," he says of a piece filmed during the Heroes World Tour. Another fave is shot through the sunroof of a limo containing Ali Larter. One of Pasdar's best subjects is pal Greg Grunberg. "My stuff's really silly," says Grunberg of the videos featuring him. "That's a side of me people don't really see on the show."

If the postings seem to have slowed, Kristen Bell may be to blame. While the cast was lining up for a group shot during this year's Emmys, Bell stumbled into a footlight and sent the camera tumbling. No worries. A hero saved the day. Pasdar's having the camera repaired. - Reporting by Bekah Wright