Cristine Rose as Angela Petrelli on Heroes by Chris Haston/NBC Cristine Rose as Angela Petrelli on Heroes by Chris Haston/NBC
This post contains spoilers from the season premiere of Heroes. Monday's two-hour season premiere of Heroes ended with a super twist: The Petrelli boys have a new brother, and it's none other than power-robbing supervillain Sylar. The shocking revelation was made by

Cristine Rose's Angela Petrelli in the premiere's closing moments. In a recent interview with our own Matt Mitovich, Rose revealed that another shocking shoe will drop in Episode 3. "It really has a double punch," she said. "The revelation that he's my son is just the beginning." Rose said her scene with Sylar was originally planned for Episode 13 of Season 2, when she was only meant to be his mentor. "They wouldn't tell me until I actually read it, but they had been hinting at this big surprise," she said. "In the interim they added the fact that he was indeed my son, and we reshot parts of it." So should we expect Sylar to pick out flowers and Mother's Day cards soon? Don't hold your breath. "That's really not why I need him or want him," Rose said. "In the last two seasons, I dealt with whether I loved my children or whether I bore them out of a need for power and used them as weapons. I think of Sylar as my weapon of mass destruction. Eventually anyway." What did you think of the twist? Do you think Sylar is actually Arthur Petrelli's son or is there another piece to this puzzle? Share your thoughts below and check back next week for answers to that question in Mitovich's full Q&A! - Adam Bryant Read our full recap of last night's episode and use our Online Video Guide to watch episodes and clips of Heroes.