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"Six Months Ago," unlike his time-teleporting alter ego Hiro Nakamura on Heroes, the more down-to-earth Masi Oka couldn't have known that Sci Fi Channel would be rerunning (Wednesday at 9 pm/ET) the pivotal flashback episode of the popular NBC series that has made him television's newest and most unlikely megastar. But just a few weeks ago, the Golden Globe-nominated actor did know about his plans for the holidays — and he shared them with us.

TV Guide: What did you want for Christmas this year?
Masi Oka: A PlayStation 3. It's so hard to get one these days. People are fighting all over for it.

TV Guide: Do you have any special holiday traditions?
Oka: Nothing really special. I guess the biggest holiday tradition is trying to find enough people [to] invite to my birthday party. Nobody's around. I start literally a month in advance getting the invites out to make sure people will come.

TV Guide: When's your birthday?
Oka: December 27.

TV Guide: Oh, so you have Christmas, your birthday and New Year's — all in a row.
Oka: It's both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes I actually had my [party] on December 27. So I would get rewrapped Christmas presents that other people didn't want. I was like, "Wait a minute... clearly regifted." It was just like the moment from Old School. It was hilarious.

TV Guide: So what are your New Year's plans?
Oka: Not much. I might travel to Japan [during Heroes' hiatus] for about two weeks. Just stay grounded and enjoy every moment.

TV Guide: What's your big New Year's resolution?
Oka: I've got to get in shape. With production having the crazy schedule there is, I can't get into a routine of doing my personal training anymore, so my biggest resolution is to find a regimen that works with my production schedule so I can stay fit.

TV Guide: That could be tough....
Oka: Yeah, but I gotta make it work. We're doing a lot of running scenes.... And I'm trying to do my own stunts. It doesn't help [if] I'm huffing and puffing.

TV Guide: Do you have any favorite holiday films?
Oka: You gotta love It's a Wonderful Life. It's on NBC [Christmas Eve, at 8 pm], so I gotta plug it!

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