Masi Oka by Paul Drinkwater/NBC Masi Oka by Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Don't expect to see Heroes' Hiro back in the present anytime soon. "I just shot my third episode [on Monday] and I'm in feudal Japan. I'm going to be there for a while," Masi Oka tells TV Guide. "The whole idea with Season 2 is that we start off with two separate time lines - one starts four months after the [season finale] happened, and the other starts with Hiro 400 years in the past."

Oka doesn't mind the time-traveling one bit. "It's been fantastic," he says. "You know how [American] kids wish they could be cowboys? In my culture we wish we could be samurai and ninja. I grew up reading those kinds of mangas. I know about the feudal era, so it's cool." - Reporting by Carita Rizzo