Adrian Pasdar by Michael Muller/NBC Adrian Pasdar by Michael Muller/NBC

Having just looped some dialogue for the final two episodes of Heroes' first season, Adrian Pasdar tells that the hit NBC series' season-ender (airing May 21) is super, out-of-this-world and more. "It's just mind-blowing, stunning the way it's all come together," he tells, recalling the finished footage he saw. "There are really wonderful moments in the very end."

Of course, since each Heroes script comes prefaced with a sternly worded nondisclosure agreement (recited here), Pasdar isn't at liberty to divulge any details. Still, he tells us that "all of the questions that were posited in the pilot are answered, almost to a T. Questions do get resolved in a huge way, and [Nathan] has a huge part in the final decision-making in the last few moments." All in all, he raves, "It's a beautifully structured finale." - Reporting by Matt Webb Mitovich