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Here's What We're Watching This Week

We've got recommendations for you!

Tim Surette

Our jobs at TV Guide require us to have our TVs on for most of our waking lives to keep up with everything that the industry is throwing at us. But when we're not watching shows for work, guess what we're doing? Watching TV for fun! There's something different about taking in a series without having to overthink it, and often it's where our true fandom shouts the loudest. That's why this week's picks are particularly interesting,

Each week, we'll poll the office to see what everyone's been watching and pass those suggestions along. Or, you know, if you just want to see what's up with our personal lives, we'll throw in some of that too.

If you're looking for even more recommendations, head over to our Watch This Now! page, where we'll regularly update our running list of all the best stuff on TV that you should be watching.

Melvin Gregg; American Vandal

Melvin Gregg; American Vandal

Scott Patrick Green / Netflix

American Vandal
Taking a break from my daily intake of Chris Evans' dog videos, I, an intellectual, binged the second season of American Vandal and it did not disappoint. What's amazing about this show is that it can take something so silly such as this season's Brown Out (in which students' lemonade is spiked causing them to literally shit their pants) and turn it into a meaningful exploration of the high school experience. Next to dick and poop jokes are raw emotional moments that elevate the show from a funny joke to something honest, real and refreshing. One moment you're laughing at a piñata filled with feces and in the next, trying (and failing) to hide the fact that this show about kids pooping their pants has you all up in your feelings. It's the best!. - Keisha Hatchett, News Writer

Vine Compilations
The internet has destroyed my brain and I no longer have an attention span. And comedy stopped being funny in 2015. The only things that make me laugh anymore are compilations of clips salvaged from the abandoned social media platform Vine. Hundreds of videos, none longer than six seconds long, stitched together in a relentless, decontextualized stream of hypnotic nonsense with titles like "half forgotten but still ICONIC vines" and "ancient vines i watch with my grandfather." If something's not funny, it's over quick. If something is funny, it's over quick. I've spent so much time online that this is how I process information now. - Liam Mathews, Staff Editor

The Gifted (Season 2)
It's fall premiere season so usually when I see new screeners in my inbox it makes me cry because there's so much to watch. I also cried when I saw The Gifted screeners come in this week, but for the opposite reason. It was my favorite new show of last year and I am SO excited to see where they're going this year. I know every show says it, but The Gifted is legitimately like a one-hour movie every week. Showrunner Matt Nix told me this summer that one of the early episodes will make everyone weep and he wasn't kidding -- get ready, mutants! - Megan Vick, Associate Editor

Better Call Saul
Every Monday I sit down and watch not only my favorite show on TV, but also the best show on TV: Better Call Saul. It might actually be better than Breaking Bad, and the only people who will get mad at me for saying that are the idiots who watched Breaking Bad but never started Better Call Saul. What are you dumb-dumbs waiting for? The show has taken a huge leap forward this season and is actually knocking on Breaking Bad's door, so you no longer have any excuse to not tune in. - Kaitlin Thomas, Senior Editor

A Discovery of Witches
Sky One's new supernatural romance series may be called A Discovery of Witches, but really, it's a rediscovery of how well a sexy, ancient vampire falling in love with a no-nonsense, badass female lead still totally works. Even after just one episode, it's clear that the world-building and monster mythology on this show are going to be works of art (not the normal, clichéd nonsense) which is catnip for sci-fi/fantasy fans like myself. And yes, the romance between a beautiful, powerful witch and a suave, brainiac vampire never hurts either. Basically, if you're looking for an engaging, addictive and utterly diverting new show, this is the one for you. I'm going to warn you though, trying to find an easy way to stream this show is going to be a labor of love for many of you. Sorry about that. Since this show is currently only airing on Sky One in the U.K., your only streaming option is a subscription to Now TV. - Lindsay MacDonald, News Writer

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