Heres a moral dilemma: Should a Rwandan war criminal who killed hundreds of people receive amnesty if he can cure birth defects? Tom (unaware that his own son is a killer) sure didnt think Edwin (Hill Harper) deserved forgiveness simply because he fixed a few chromosomes in utero. "Were saving the future, but leaving justice behind," he roared. "Is this what you want to be a part of?" Diana retorted it wouldnt be the first time that the U.S. recruited talented war criminals. Remember those Dr. Strangeloves who did so much for our nuclear expansion ("Mein Fuhr um mein Ike! I can split-en ze atom!")? Karma the arbiter of all deeds had the last laugh on Edwin, however, because the more Edwin used his gift, the more his health deteriorated. But if he stopped saving fetuses, hed get shipped back to Rwanda, where death awaited him with palm-rubbing anticipation. "Some babies get saved, and you get your pound of flesh," snorted Diana. "How does that feel, Tom?" "It feels like justice," he responded. Cant wait to see how Tom reconciles his self-righteousness with Kyles killing of Collier (assuming he really is dead). Diana had her own reconciliation troubles when April owned up to losing their mothers engagement ring after exploiting Maias gift. The forgiving Maia, however, gently reminded her guardian of their dearth of relatives. ("Do me a favor," said Diana, "Stop being more grown-up than your mom.") Diana made the hard choice to eject April from the premises and (apparently) the show, which irked me because Natasha Gregson Wagner is one happenin' babe. At least April exited on an upbeat note, with her mothers ring in hand after Diana kindly got it out of hock. Speaking of departures, Richard visited a dying old racist (Luke Askew) who had him beaten during their Korean War days for dating a white woman. True to his bigotry, the jerk wouldnt apologize, even though hes slowly succumbing to emphysema. But Richard had the last gasp because the old man has no family and never gets visitors. I try not to make it habit of laughing at the infirm and elderly, but in this case, tee-hee-hee, KOFF!